THERAPiN is a private Israeli company operating in the local and global medical cannabis market.

The company aims to help patients and improve their quality of life by marketing a variety of medical cannabis products that meet the highest international standards of quality and cleanliness, while maintaining the principles of reproducibility (repeatability of product features) and ongoing supply to maintain the therapeutic continuum.

The company grows unique cannabis varieties in the most innovative INDOOR facility in Israel, using technologies and scientific methods of monitoring and controlling the life cycle of the plant. In addition, THERAPiN strives to operate to the standards of a pharmaceutical company and implements strict and rigorous quality standards as is customary in this industry.

THERAPiN puts the benefit of the patients first and will continue to invest in the research and development of new cannabis strains and products that will provide the best response to a variety of existing medical indications and those that do not currently have a therapeutic solution.

The company has at its disposal about 200 dunams designated for the Indoor cultivation of medical cannabis. In the first phase, a first growing facility was established on an area of 10 dunams that meets Israeli GAP standards.

The Vision

  • To be the leading cannabis company in the world, with the most advanced and unique indoor growing facilities, which enable the environment and conditions for the highest quality, most consistent and clean cannabis growing in the world.
  • To explore and develop unique cannabis strains that will enable treatment to many and varied indications that will help improve the lives of patients around the world.
  • To be an innovative and leading global company that markets quality products derived from active ingredients from the cannabis plant.

The professional team

The company’s management and the professional team of THERAPiN include veteran and experienced professionals from the fields of pharmaceuticals, operations, manufacturing, capital markets, research, development, marketing, agronomists and experienced growers in the field of medical cannabis combined with experts and consultants from relevant fields.

The experience, track record and excellence of each of the staff members, combined with the knowledge and understanding that quality medical cannabis, immensely improves the quality of life of patients, are what makes them a leading and promising team.

Management Team

Board members

External consultants