Innovative indoor growing

THERAPiN has established the largest and most innovative indoor cannabis cultivation facility in Israel.

The facility, which was initially built on 2.5 dunams, is located in the north of the country and is expected to multiple its size in the coming year, enabling large-scale cyclical growth.

Unlike a greenhouse, the indoor facility is a closed and airtight structure, which thanks to the innovative methods and technologies embedded in it and strict adherence to harsh procedures, allows cannabis plants to grow in a controlled and clean environment and receive high-quality consistent inflorescences as raw material for our products.

The indoor facility established by THERAPiN meets the Israeli GAP standard.

Benefits of Indoor Growing

Unlike growing medical cannabis in greenhouses or field crops, growing indoor has many benefits in a number of significant respects:

  • Neutralization of the effect of external factors on the plant, such as: temperature, number of light hours, percentage of humidity, seasonal effects.
  • Allows control and monitoring of many factors that affect the quality and concentration of active ingredients in inflorescences and the production of cannabis plants such as: the composition of the growing medium, the composition of the water and more.
  • Enables monitoring, documentation and analysis of multiple parameters for the purpose of learning and constantly improving existing qualities and developing new products.
  • Control and monitoring of the level of cleanliness and hygiene as in the pharmaceutical industry, which makes it possible to obtain clean and quality products without fear of various contaminants.

Thanks to the unique growing technology and thanks to these benefits, THERAPiN products that are marketed to patients, retain their properties and features throughout the growth cycles, have the highest standard of quality and cleanliness, and are available on the market throughout the year, allowing for therapeutic continuity.

How we do it

The technology we apply in the indoor facility consists of a combination of several tools and scientific methods from the fields of agronomy, cannabis cultivation and pharmaceuticals: